When Miracles Don’t Hide….


… and the very hand of God reaches into your life; you know you have been with Him. You have seen His favor. You have felt His love.

Often we experience the unthinkable and our world feels shattered. Dreams crumble and mountains feel as if they cannot be moved.

But, there is that place where His miracle’s don’t hide.

Do you look for it? Your miracle. His Favor.

What if we did?

Would our weary hands that feed, find simplicity in our process; would souls be enriched by the extension of our gratitude?

Would homes be changed by grace and our differences shape a hopeful generation? All because we gazed upon our miracle that didn’t hide!

It’s there. Your miracle. His favor.

What we cannot understand He crafted with scarred hands. One day we will. We will understand!

Until then, we will choose to see through His eyes and find our miracles that don’t hide…

May I invite you into our miracle, where He has graciously lavished favor upon us…

Meet Topher, he is 10 yrs old and has Down syndrome. Feel free to indulge in the gift of him!


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  1. Sitting here wishing I could hug all of you right now~Melt my heart when Topher says, “thank you mom.” Love you and miss the Lewis’

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