I am loved by a Savior and it’s beyond my comprehension.

I wife a WONDERFUL man and mother three SUPER-FABULOUS children.

I love to allow my soul the freedom to wander at His wonder.

I write. I love. I laugh. I dance. I dream. I take chances. I hope. I smile. I drift. I cling. I serve. I mess-up. I try. I live.

I desire my soul to be stirred by His grace; to allow His Holy breath to follow me into every single moment of my day…

… would you?



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  1. Hi Tab;
    Cool blog site! You did a great job.
    Had fun tonight – I love to laugh and it sure felt good being with all yall 🙂
    Keep up the posts and I’ll keep reading.
    Thanks for your friendship!
    – Liz

  2. Hi Tab:
    Your website is too cute! Glad to hear everyone is doing great.
    I miss you bunches. Let’s catch up soon. Love you.

  3. Tabitha!
    i was terribly sad when i found out ya’ll weren’t coming back sunday night! but o well i’ll see you another time! hopefully! tell topher, gracie, and mary-beth i said hi! love ya Tab!
    ~Meghan B.

  4. My, Beautiful talented baby girl! love your blog. I thank god for you everyday i am so proud of you and so thankful that you live your life everyday for our great big god! I love you the world. you will never know how proud i am of you your the best……….. love you the world. your mom

  5. Hi,

    My name is Tabitha and I stumbled upon your website. I am so glad to hear that you are a born-again Christian.

    I was one too, but I slipped along the way..

    Any advise?

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