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A Whirlwind


I have completely abandoned writing these past few weeks due to a “whirlwind” of events happening in the Lewis family! PTL they are all good things! May for our family is like Christmas time on steroids. Birthdays’, mothers day, dance recitals, soccer banquets, graduations, proms, field day, awards day………. Whew, I don’t know how we ever survive when we barely have time to come up for air.

One thing is for sure, we will never get moments like this again. There is only one 12th birthday, one celebration of a milestone to graduate from the first grade and the hooping and hollering for a kinder-gardener who learned to read her first book! There is a first time for everything but only ONE FIRST time!

I often try to imagine what all of heaven does when another soul accepts Christ for their eternity. For some it is a celebration of a milestone of years of prayer for a lost loved one. For others a joyful jubilation of a child coming to the father with no baggage or strings attached from a messed up world. No one enjoys our celebrations more than the very one who hand crafted our design. What He created to be a masterpiece reaching it’s full potential takes my breath away.

We are called to something greater than average. A lifetime of calm and tranquil leads to a path of destruction and spiritual emptiness. Embrace your whirlwind, hold high your tired and weary head and finish this race set before you. Christ tells us the prize we will be rewarded is beyond ANYTHING we could ever imagine!

The very thought of living in His abundance here on earth makes my heart long to awake to my next whirlwind.


Getting Over Myself


While attending Inspire 08 I am learning that I just flat out need to “GET OVER MYSELF“! Not really what you hope to get out of a conference that is totally geared for your Inspiration!

When we arrived yesterday I certainly had my own expectations of what I wanted God to reveal to me while we were here. As we entered into the main session last night to begin to turn our hearts to worship, God spoke to my spirit and said, “Hey chick, I just want you to sit your britches down and silence yourself. You gonna listen to me while you are here”! Not exactly a GOOD sign that He is going to do things your way.

You see what I am figuring out while I am here is that inspiration is refining. It is listening to God’s voice of conviction, looking into the eyes of spoiled expectations set by human, selfish desires and allowing God to blind you to self focus and lead you into the Holy of Holies. Inspiration to raise the bar of spiritual growth,to rise to the capability of the ability God has gifted you with through Him. Not to walk away with the spirit of defeat or inadequacy, but to walk into a new realm of opportunity. A place where God stretches you to the point of un-recognition so He and only He can be the focal point of your ministry.

For fear of not hearing what God was going to say to me I postured myself to stillness. Session after session His voice kept echoing, like that of a lion’s roar, to get over yourself so I can reach those I have set out to reach through you. Instead of tirelessly trying to connect the outer rings of my core ministry (FAMILY), let God open doors and part seas for me. God does not need me to connect the dots in my life. He needs me to release my grip and allow Him to move me from one season to the other. He tore the veil

The soul desire of Inspire 08 was to be a stone of remembrance for those who attended. This event has created open places in my soul that is thirsting for God’s river of delight. I was reminded of the scripture in Psalm 37:4, ” Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart”. When we are surrendered to Him, whatever that may be, He puts those desires in our hearts and carries them on to COMPLETION!

The Rock


I have had an awesome day today preparing to serve single moms in my church community! WAC hosted a single mom’s banquet tonight that we hope will be an annual outreach event for our church family!

I spent some time reflecting on what a HUGE task God entrusted us with when he gave MOM’S the ministry of children. As I was thanking Him for the privilege I was also praising Him for equipping us. You know it is just like Him to give us the BIG stuff and then give us the TOOLS to tackle it too! Without His word we really would perish!

In the midst of my reflecting I had to STOP and ask myself this question, ” Am I building my house upon the rock”? When the storms come and our lives are tossing to and fro in our sea of chaos, nothing can destroy what has been built upon Him! My children can walk into the heritage that has been set before them with full confidence that will stand the test of time! He does not expect me to always get it right but He does expect me to try. I cannot afford to be idle in my efforts and allow this world to entice them with what will leave them cold and empty. As Beth Moore would say, ” There ain’t no HIGH like the MOST HIGH”! Oh, I want my children to know that. I want them to feel like they are missing something REALLY BIG if they are not walking in the fullness He has for them!

You know when the rain came down, the streams rose and the winds blew and beat about the house…….the house did not fall because the WISE MAN built it upon the ROCK!!!!

Today is the DAY!


Today is the day that I make it absolutely official. COLOR!

I am not doing anything drastic but my hairstylist informed me that I will now have more defined ROOTS and they will come at a faster pace. I guess kind of like labor pains progress as you get closer to the birthing process!

Just livin in a woman’s world!

Happy Mothers Day to me…………COLOR!

New ministry at WAC


Someone stepping outside their comfort zone so someone else can GROW more intimate with Christ definitely ranks HIGH in my area of respect! Follow me as I follow Christ is something we hear countless times throughout Gods word from ordinary people just like you and me! They were extraordinary because of their SOLD-OUT commitment to lead by example so that others would know the only HOPE to be found. The HOPE of Jesus Christ.

Today we presented a new mentor ministry, called the MIMIC MINISTRY, to some of our people who have said I want to be –THAT ONE! The one who is so passionately loving Jesus that they are chewing at the bit for a new believer to experience the Jesus who completes them! As we walked through the process the excitement grew and by the end certain ones were sharing, with tears in their eyes, how awesome it is to play a tiny part in someones growth in Christ. Others were not sure they could even muster up the courage to lead others when they felt as if they needed to be the one being lead! Truth be told we are none worthy enough, educated enough or even prayed up enough to lead some one else on our own. It is by the divine hand of God Almighty that we are a bristle in the brush used to paint the portrait of His masterpiece!

I cannot wait to see how God uses those willing to follow Him so others can grow in Him too! I can feel it in my bones this is going to radically change lives beyond the walls of our church building!

We must stop kidding ourselves that we can accomplish anything for the Kingdom of God on our own.

Are you saying no to something that you should be saying yes to?

Choosing To Cheat


Do I do this enough? Do I say that enough? Could I change this to be more like that? The questions that swirl in our heads that make us second guess the privilege God has entrusted us with. Being a mom is certainly not easy but God never intended for us to set our standards by some worldly idea of what a “SUPERMOM” should be. You know that idea that you must drive a certain car with a certain amount of stickers, be the PTA president, be a member of certain elite clubs, your child must perform in certain activities, you must neglect your marriage and yourself to be totally dispensable to your child, and so on and so on and so on.

1. We CHEAT ourselves:

God has very clearly set His standards for what a MOM should look like. He certainly wants us to be who He created us to be as an individual. If I spend all my time comparing myself to another woman then I will never accomplish the purpose He has for the creation in ME. “He created my inmost being…… I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.(Psalm139:13-14) A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. We CHEAT ourselves when we strive to be something we were not destined to be.

2. We Cheat our children:

That gift in our children is a package that is continuously unfolding. They are fashioned by the makers hands to become a scene in His greatest story ever told! We are destined for greatness when we follow His plan. ” These commandments I give you are to be upon your hearts. Talk about them with your children. talk about them when you sit at home……Write them on the door frames of your houses”. (Deut 6:4-9) Are there magical answers for every situation that arises in the life of a mom, of course not. The promise that when we seek Him and believe Him for great things He has done, our children will rise up and call us blessed. We cheat our children when we refuse to recognize they are a gift from Him and we do not treasure the instruction of His word.

3. We CHEAT God:

He knows the plans He has for us……..plans to prosper us………give us a hope and a future. Taking it from someone who said I am NEVER having children, He knows the plans He has for us! Today I could not imagine my life without each of my children and I receive so much joy I could never experience without them. I do ask God often if He is sure I am the one for the task of being a mom to Marybeth, Gracie and Topher. That is one of those questions you answer yourself before you even ask. When we spend our time focused on the what if’s and why’s we take away from God’s how to’s and when’s! We all know God makes no mistakes. We cheat God when we question His plan and direction for what He has entrusted us with.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time wondering why me and how can I ever. God always speaks to me through His word and reminds me that my life and my children’s life is a gift. His creation is for a greater purpose far beyond my comprehension. Who am I to mess it up by striving to be a mom set at someone or something else’s standard. Who am I to seek my own understanding instead of trusting the hand of the very one who holds me up.

If I choose anything other than God. I am “CHOOSING TO CHEAT”!

Topher, Marybeth and Gracie



Offically’s have been happening to me lately! Some good and well some not so GOOD! We all have those moments in life that are inevitable and sometimes we approach them kicking and screaming. Some of us are still in absolute denial that we have “OFFICIALLY” crossed over!

Here are some of my officially’s:

1. I am now “officially” a soccer mom!

2. I am now officially a ” Proud Parent of a Terrific Kid at Lakeforest Elementary”! ( Both Gracie and Topher)

3. I “officially” cannot gloss my hair anymore. I must move on to COLOR!

4. I “officially” cannot eat whatever I want and skip exercising to stay in good shape!

5. I “officially” have been labeled a BAD cook by ALL who have ever tried any of my cooking!

6. I “officially” cannot stay awake past 9:00!

7. I have “officially” stepped onto the other side of adulthood. Last night a youth at my church returned a phone call from me. I missed the call so she left me a message. In her sweet little voice she said  that I could either call her back or ” IF I KNEW HOW” I could just text her ! I did not know whether to be crushed or laugh. I opted for the laughter! To top it all off she ended it with a “YES MAM”!

Times change, beauty fades, and life is a vapor! One thing remains for me. God is constant. He never changes. He is official!