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Experiencing HIS experience!!!!!


Lately God has allowed me to experience His glory. Throughout November I have seen many lives changed through acceptance of Jesus, even my two girls!!!!! This past Sunday Chris, a.k.a their dad, had the amazing opportunity to baptize the two of them together. While Chris and I were away in Romania on a mission trip both of them accepted Christ. It was unbelievable, people were accepting Christ in Romania and back home in America! We returned to church to share with our church family about our trip and before the service even started more people were accepting Christ. That is the part of God that can’t be explained only experienced! Like kisses from the ones you love, the GOD moments that you never want to end. I often wonder how Mary the mother of Jesus must have felt when she first grasped that she was carrying the child who would redeem the world. How Mary, the sister of Lazarus, felt when she sat at the feet of Jesus mesmerized by His presence. I think about Mary Magdalene whom Jesus drove out seven demons from, she was there when He rose from the dead and He spoke her name, “Mary”! She experienced His experience! He fulfilled her longing for Him. What if we had that kind of longing for Christ that she had? The kind where our eyes gaze up to heaven waiting for God to reveal himself to us. We are not beyond an “experience ” from God but I think sometimes we miss it because we are just not longing for it. Oh, we will take it if it happens to pass us by in the midst of our busy schedules but we are not on our knees, reaching to the heavens, gazing into His glory, longing for Him! Christ longs for us to enter into His presence. He must cut cartwheels when we bring some thanksgiving and praise too! I believe He will do for us what He did for Mary. It may not be packaged or even delivered in the same way but He will deliver. 2 Tim 4:8 tells us that we will receive the crown of righteousness, ALL those who have longed for His appearing. I am looking forward to my crown but most of all I long for his presence now. I am on my knees, reaching to the heavens, gazing into His glory, longing for Him! I want to experience His experience!

Long for Him like He longs for you,





Lately perspective has been my focus so I purposefully waited until today to post what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving!  I don’t want to be that woman who waits until the holiday or special occasion to appreciate what my Lord has blessed me with. We may collectively wait until Thanksgiving day to “Be Thankful” but I want everyday to be a day of thanks for the many blessings in my life. My family spent some time yesterday sharing with each other the things they were thankful for! My heart was so full that the humor my five and six year old added saved me from boo-hooing through the whole conversation! Topher was most thankful for pretzels since that’s what he was eating at the time, Gracie was thankful for food because it gives us energy and Marybeth is thankful for Clemson Tigers! I was so proud of them for being honest. It’s the small stuff that can make us the most happy or the most sad! Even God is concerned with the small stuff! Just to think that sometimes we don’t share it with Him because we think it’s too small or too silly. He tells us that He cannot trust us with the “big stuff” until we allow Him to be in control of our “small stuff!” I am thankful for my small stuff even when it inconveniences me or doesn’t last as long as I would like for it to. Like right now I am soooooooo thankful that all three of my children are watching Sci-Fi with their dad so I DON’T HAVE TO!!!! A-MEN! As much as I love being in the same room with Chris watching Sci-Fi terribly inconveniences me!

I could list a million jillion things that I am thankful for and still probably leave something out. My challenge to myself and to you is to be thankful ALWAYS in ALL things. Let’s not wait until an appointed occasion to tell God how thankful we are for the cross and the ability to continue to bring our “stuff” and leave it there! Let’s not wait until that special occasion to share with others how thankful we are to have them as apart of our lives.

God, I thank you that I can lift my eyes toward the heavens and know that you are where my help comes from. That you are always there and because of that my feet do not slip. You won’t allow the sun to harm me by day nor the moon by night. You keep me from all harm, you watch over my life.

I thank my God for you




AMAZINGLY UNBELIEVABLE! There is no possible way I could EVER properly communicate the MIGHTY works God did during MISSION ROMANIA! Still today I am trying to complete thoughts of one experience before pondering on another! I have said to several people that apart of my heart is still there. I find myself counting ahead seven hours from our time here just to know what time it is there! I know sometimes God allows us to be a hands on part of His work and sometimes He allows us to see His work, both are true for our team! I am so thankful that we faced the feelings of inadequacies like we did because when He chose to move through us we knew it was a God thing and nothing within our own ability. Don’t you sometimes think we need to be reminded that God is the one who changes lives not us. If we choose to GO when He says GO then He can accomplish what He has set out to do. Nothing happened in Romania that could not have happened in my absence or yours but I would have missed ALL God had in store for me if I had not gone! It reminds me of Phillip in Acts 8:26-40. An angel of the Lord appeared to him one day and told him to go down the road. Phillip had no idea why but he obeyed Gods command and went. Along the road he came upon a man that God intended for him to encounter. Phillip shared the good news about Jesus with him. As they continued to travel the road they came upon some water. Philip and the man went to the water and Philip baptized him and then Philip immediately disappeared. God knew the plans He had for Philip that day and He knew the plans He had for our team in Romania. Had we not gone exactly as He asked look at what we would have missed:

1. 49 salvations

2. a chance to witness to the priest

3. God’s provision of future work in Romania

4. Opportunities to “LOVE like JESUS”

5. HUGE spiritual growth in our individual lives and as a team

I could list forever but you get the point. When God says GO, do it. Nothing is worth missing the blessings He has in store for you or someone else!

Love Like Jesus,