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It is time for another new beginning! I guess you could think of it as a BIG do -over! What you did not do that you wish you had and what you did do that you wish you had not you have a new year with a new start(that’s a mouth full)! In our house we stress that everyday is a do-over. Thank God for His promise that HIS mercies are new every morning. Today Pastor Chuck spoke from 2 Kings 4:1-7. He posed the question to us, “How many jars will you bring into the year 2008”? When the prophet Elisha spoke to the lady and told her to gather empty jars and bring them into her home to be filled with oil, she immediately sent her sons to gather jars. It did not matter to her that she certainly did not have enough oil to fill even one jar, she through faith trusted what God had spoken and did what only she could do!

Oh, I just received God’s revealing to me this morning to the fact the WE, a.k.a you and I, try to “accomplish” many things in our strength not in God’s strength. God never ever never meant for us to accomplish anything in our own strength. That is why He  gives the possible to the impossible. He intended from the start for us to be TOTALLY dependent upon Him to accomplish what He has set out to accomplish through us! All afternoon I have thought about my “jars” and what I will allow God to fill them with through me. If I had a jar for every good work my heart desires to accomplish for Christ my whole apartment would be FULL of jars. This one thing I know- I absolutely, positively, most definitely will not put ANY limits on what He wants me to do to fill my jars. In scripture what started out as a tiny amount of oil continued to flow into every jar gathered until there were no more jars. Was it anything that the woman did on her own? No, God had a plan and because of her faith in Him and her obedience to what He had asked of her He was able to accomplish what He had set out to do! He gave the possible to the impossible because she allowed Him to!

How many jars will you bring into 2008?

Let God do the possible with the impossible,