Sometimes we NEED a Holy Hush to come over our tongues and let our DEEDS feed the eyes of others!

People CRAVE authentic. They DESIRE the real. They ACHE for hope!

They receive HOPE through our HOPE!

Our HOPE can’t be their HOPE; but, they can see His Hope through our Hope!

In high school, a pastor of influence in my life, said repeatedly, ” If you SEE a NEED then MEET that NEED!”

I loved it when he said that. It did something to my soul. It somehow made the hopeless, lonely that I saw around me swell with a hopeful answer! It was a call to ACTION!

It was a visible ACT of HOPE. It put feet to words and joined our HOPE with God’s HOPE!

It is a Holy concept that I’ve aspired to follow.

I’ve had quiet moments where God spoke LOUDLY through my life.

I’ve had humble moments where apologies freed others from bondage.

I’ve cheered on miraculous cures and was FOREVER changed when GOD answered.

I’ve watched in silence and given in time.

I’ve trampled through the fears of others despair and held hands with their HOPE.

In each NEED that I’ve sought to MEET, God showed us that His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

That a shameless attempt to extend HOPE where the darkness is closing in, is all He asks of us.

I often long for that Holy Hush, where my words are silenced by the out-pouring of my deeds!

After all, His Hope IS our only Hope!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Tabitha. Isn’t it such an encouragement for God’s awesomeness to speak through our actions just as well as our words. Many times I know my words are just so inadequate compared to other ways that God has asked us to serve others and show them the love of Chirst! That should be encouragement for word fumblers and blabbermouths, alike! Have a blessed day!

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