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I recently came across a sign that read, ” Well behaved women rarely make history”. I must admit my first reaction was that of hostility, then I came to my senses and began to think rationally.

In my perspective it is the mind behind the thought that takes you to the reality of ones thoughts becoming statements. My path crosses daily with women who are diligently making history and my life is a growing legacy of women doing womanhood before me.

I am not in any attempt going on some tyrant to prove a pagan mindset wrong. But in the next few weeks I am going to pay tribute to women who are making history that is full of integrity and self-worth. In the legacy of life, I want to have made some pretty awesome history for my creator.  Without Him history isn’t even worth trying to make.

Stay tuned……….. His-Story is in the making!


NDSA Month


Today starts a month long celebration for children with down syndrome.

It is “National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!”

All over the United States different organizations will host the Buddy Walk to raise money for awareness and honor special children with down syndrome. 

Our Topher is celebrating his 7th year of being apart of this organization  and let me say that he truly feels special! On this day we as a family and friends look to his “abilities” and rejoice in what he is becoming. We focus on another year of accomplishments and embrace the completeness of joy he brings to our lives.

Thank you family and friends for supporting Topher in presence and in prayer, he is so grateful! In his direct words, “Thank you hot mama and hot daddy”!

To become involved in promoting awareness of Down Syndrome go to: