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Thirst Quencher


I am not ashamed to say that today I did not really accomplish much domestic wise! I did on the other hand have a wonderful time catching up with a friend! I met my dear friend Cindy for breakfast at 8:00(a once in a lifetime op when your a MOM). We chit-chatted non-stop until one of our cell phones rang and knocked our mouths out of gear for a moment. When I reached for my phone to check the time I could not believe it but it was 11:30. I’m not kidding it only seemed as if  it would be 10:00. We laughed hysterically and considered just staying on for lunch too! There were a million topics that could have won the title of our convo but only one received the prize. It is the same one that always wins the topic of our convos,”GOD”! I absolutely love the fact that had it not been for LIFE PRIORITIES that she and I would still be sitting there talking about our God! He is too precious, awesome, holy, mighty, perfect and exciting not to talk about. You see when you get a taste of the Living Water and it quenches your thirst you never want your mouth to get dry again! We’ve tasted it and sometimes His almighty grace has poured on us so in the midst of our storms that we would go through them again to tap into His well! At least she and I would! I am so thankful for God friends and if you don’t have one I challenge you to pray for one. One that will always encourage you and speak truth into your life even when it hurts. One that will always lead you straight to God when your seeking and lift you up in prayer even when life is good! God designed us to be relational and He certainly knows better than we do who we need to be in relationships with. As I left Cindy today my mind went to the scripture in Hebrews 10:24-25 and I want to share it with you, Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another- and all the more as you see the Day approaching. Thanks Cindy for being my God friend, for seeking to know our God deeper so He can impact His kingdom mightily through you and for serving Him when you had NOTHING to give because He is blessing through your suffering!

Use me, break me, waste me on you Lord. Move in me, take me, waste me on you.

For to die is to live, to starve is to feast, less of me is more of Jesus. Lord I want it ALL, Lord I want it ALL. If I lose my life I gain everything.

Ruin me, take me, waste me on you!

Lyrics to my new fave song by Shane Barnard and my prayer! AWESOME

Bless you





I am back to “Reality” as some would like to call it! I could not be more thankful to my parents for extending the invite to Chris, MB and myself to sail to the Eastern Caribbean with them, of course we chi-laxed(chill+relax=chilaxed) as MB would say! Most of us certainly do not get that opportunity much, if at all. We had a wonderful time and made lasting memories. MB made a new friend and exchanged phone numbers with her. Chris read two books in there entirety! I ate A-LOT of great food, line danced by the pool and observed the peeps all around me! From my observations during the week I realized how much people desperately NEED my God! I did have the opportunity to talk about my relationship with God to a lady who was on the cruise by herself. She was with a singles-again group from her hometown in Florida! She is a believer and attends a large church there. In our conversation we shared life stories and I sensed she was looking for acceptance from those around her at the time. We were well into four days of the cruise and she had spent the whole time by herself. The others in her group seemed to share no common interests with her and she was having a hard time meeting anyone new. I certainly could not relate to her since I was vacationing with my family so I sympathized with her as much as I could and would have invited her to attend dinner with us if we had any control over who sits at our table. After meeting her my mind became consumed with the other 4,500 people cruising with us. Who do they relate to? What fills their emptiness? Who or what do they turn to when they are lonely? For some of the people the answer was very obvious! For others I was left pondering. You see not even a tropical vacation upon a luxury cruise ship completes me but I knew that before I left. There were sooo many distractions around me that I could not wait to get back to “Reality”! I did soak up God’s glory around me and spent some quality time with Him but I did not need to be in the middle of the Caribbean to do it! I could not have possibly had a conversation with ALL of those people but they certainly had one with me! They reminded me to pray and pray hard that God would send someone into their world to be a light in their darkness. They reminded me that there’s a whole world FULL of people beyond those 4,500 that needs to HEAR and SEE the hope that only He gives! It was truly a REALITY CHECK into into my world. REALITY is I am a light in this dark world and how I am living and what I am speaking is either shining His light or blowing it out.

 As for my friend from Florida I dont know if she ever found what she was looking for on The Mariner of the Seas but I do know that she has found my God! Her reality is my reality. We must shine on cause there is ALOT to do!

Till We Meet Again Much Joy and “Chi-lax”