Monthly Archives: October 2010




Saturday morning Revolution Church hosted a “Day of Encouragement” for the women who serve so selflessly week after week. Not only in our church but in their homes, their jobs and their beyond! It was a wonderful time of being refreshed and encouraging each other in our FAITH

Lisa shared her faith journey and encouraged us to seek our Completion in CHRIST! What a story God is writing with her life and those who are within her presence gain an ABUNDANCE of ENCOURAGEMENT !

Lauren BLESSED us with her homemade, self-catered brunch and we gave away A LOT of goodies that women love!

God is doing AMAZING things through the women of Revolution Church and I am so THRILLED to be apart of it! 



” That you and I may mutually be ENCOURAGED by each others FAITH”
(Romans 1:12)

Keep Breathing~Speak Encouragement