Monthly Archives: April 2008

I’m Coming Home!


I said goodbye to Starbucks yesterday and¬† I am running with open arms into the next season of my life. I had a blast working in the “Coffee” world learning about the coffee bean and how it is grown. Not to mention the many different people I met along the way. Some will be lifelong friends and others have given me many a funny story to tell. Life really does happen over a cup of coffee. Everything from talks about new tattoos and babies to praying for sickness and trying not to cry over “spilled milk”! A day did not go by that I did not thank the Lord for the opportunity to talk about Him with those I came in contact with and will forever remember that my life had a purpose being a Barista at Starbucks far beyond anything I could ever comprehend. For all of you coffee lovers I do believe I know how to brew the perfect cup of coffee . It was also an absolutely glorious ride of drinking ALL the Starbucks lattes I wanted for FREE! Double tall, not fat, no whip white mocha!!!!!!

I’m coming home ! I am not exactly sure what lies ahead for me. Doors are definitely opening and some I have already walked through, wide open -ready to GO!!!!!! I am sooooooooo¬† excited most of all about ALL the time God has given me back to hang out with my kids and do the MOM thing! LOVE being a MOM!

I will keep you posted on my new ventures! Until next time splurge one time and stop by Starbucks and try a double tall, not-fat (or not) white mocha! If you like to sip your coffee, ask for it extra HOT!


Did you know………


I have heard some interesting things this week. Yesterday my son, Topher, had his tonsils and adenoids removed. God does a REALLY GOOD job taking care of him. He has been doing an amazing job recovering, eating to beat the band and as active as little 7 year old boys can be. The interesting question I have gotten several times since yesterday is this, ” Did they give you the tonsils to keep”? Seriously, I have never ever heard of that! I mean I think it would be pretty cool to see them up close and personal but I certainly did not know that was even possible.

Did you know that Kudzu is edible? Unbelievable I know. It is the most irritating growing stuff that is a pain to get rid of but edible. Today on my ride to work I heard some dialogue on the radio about making jelly out of Kudzu. You boil it and let it sit for a day or so and then you drain the juice and make jelly out of the juice. Watch out the next time you eat a salad cause some people use it as a lettuce substitute too! Chalk that one up on the food chain!!!! You might consider this USELESS INFO but all the food shortage talk going around it just might come in handy!

I know this is useless rant but I am a little disappointed about not seeing the tonsils!

A Song


Today I heard a song that hit something sensitive inside and made me cry. Not just a tear trickling down my face but the ugly cry. The kind where you hope no one around you is looking because you might scare them if they saw you cry. Truth permeated from this song that if your heart is in the right spirit you would immediately start evaluating life as you know it. It is not deep in theology or profound in it’s melody but the truth of it’s content is REALLY what life should be about. We should not get caught up in who we know or what we accomplish. God is only concerned with who we are in the quiet when no one else is around. He searches the heart and rewards those who are fully committed to Him. As my dear pastor reminds us often that what we have IS NOT OURS anyway! Our very breath is dependent upon God’s sovereign hand appointing us one more day here on earth.

So, do you want to know the song? It is ” How You Live” by Point Of Grace!

I’d Love to hear how it hits you!

Good Times


I know I have been on a little sabbatical again and I am not going to type a bunch of excuses as to why! My husband and I just returned from a weekend GET-AWAY where we were unable to get internet access for most of the trip. Can you say DIVINE INTERVENTION! Yes, we would have both been pecking away at the keyboard had we had the opportunity so I am glad that we did not get a signal!!!!!

We had a BLAST with each other as we ALWAYS do! I will cherish every moment we spent laughing, talking and dreaming about the future together! He will NOT have to twist my arm to GET-AWAY again! That comes highly recommended! This is definitely a piece of advice you want to take! Can you tell I enjoyed myself!

I do have one question? Who goes to the beach without a swimsuit? I packed EVERYTHING but that!