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The Final Countdown…….


Just 6 days until Chris and I board the airplane and head to Romania to share the hope of Jesus with ALL who will listen! I am honored to be apart of the amazing team of people God has prepared to go. God has mended our hearts together into the passion of sharing the message of Christ and equipping them to carry on that passion for generations to come! Sometimes as I am praying for those lives I will step into while I am there, I imagine what there faces will look like and what color eyes they will have. I wonder if they even feel how beautifully and wonderfully made they are? Oh how I pray that there hearts are open to receive EVERYTHING Christ has to offer them. Two worlds will collide Nov.5-15th and I am expecting God to “Show-Out!!!!!!”

Pray with me that our team serves God with authenticity. That we remember the POWER is in Gods presence and that He changes lives, we are just the avenue He chooses to take to reach His destination. Oh, that we would remember it is about PEOPLE and not our own agendas or desires. If it is at all possible to post updates while we are there I will. I certainly will when we return. Thanks for praying and please don’t stop!



My Grandfather


I just wanted to share some absolutely amazing occurrences from this weekend! On Saturday my grandfather whom I have only met twice accepted Christ! He has been very ill and there is not much hope of him overcoming the multitude of things that have overtaken his body. As I type this he is undergoing emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding. He has a 10% chance of coming through the surgery but a long way to go to being a well man. You know there is something absolutely amazing about the peace of God. Today I watched my dad receive healing from years of disassociation from his dad. The power of God came upon my grandfather and allowed my dad to say ” I love you dad and in return my grandfather to say I love you too, son”! Amazing, something only GOD can do. My God is a God of the here and now. He has the ability to make time stand still and with one simple ask of forgiveness, replace hurt with love. I don’t know all the hurdles that are left to overcome nor do I know if my grandfather will live another day but there is one thing that I am absolutely sure of. He is heaven bound!!!!! I cannot think of a better place to be after a spiritual birth or to get to know a loved one you have never had an opportunity to meet. This is something to celebrate and so I am doing a “happy dance” with the angels in heaven. Death is bitter/sweet for believers but I know and have felt His peace that passes ALL understanding! When God allows me to be apart of moments like this I cannot help but to desire to be about my fathers business! I just wanted to share my bitter/sweet news with you and ask that you pray for my family. There are many others who have not accepted Christ and it is my prayer that God uses this opportunity to draw them to Him!

Thanks for praying and let’s be about our Fathers business!

P.S.- There were “15” young people baptized today in church! AWESOME




R U feeling it today? You know the kind of day when the alarm clock goes off and you slap the snooze to catch that extra five kind of day. You hear the rain hitting up against the roof and you wish sometimes schools and work would close for rain like they do for snow kind of days. Lay on the couch ( in your pj’s) and sip coffee and read kind of day! Boy oh boy am I feeling it today. Of course I am because I have a trillion things to mark off my TO-DO list and I could not possibly embrace the way I am feeling today! Rest assured as I am typing that I am NOT complaining just pondering or maybe wishful thinking! O.K. I am dreaming so dream on, right! Mind over matter and I have the power to accomplish ALL that I must today! Which brings me to the GOD nugget I would like to share with you since He so graciously shared with me! Yesterday I was reading in 1 Corinthians chapter 4 and when I came to verse 20 POW there it was – the NUGGET! The kingdom of our GOD is NOT a matter of talk but of POWER! Whew, I have got cold chills! Paul was saying that some of the Corinthians were all talk with no substance to back it up but not our GOD, He is POWER POWER POWER! He can heal whenever He wants, He can extend peace when He wants, He can give life and take life whenever He wants, He can reconcile when He wants, He can restore when He wants, He can release joy when He wants or He can speak TRUTH to us when He wants! Did I mention that He is ALL POWERFUL! I know that there are some things God doesn’t really mean for us to grasp this side of heaven, He just wants us to trust Him. This is one He wants us to grasp in the here and now! Acts 1:8, But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you! Coolest thing ever- when we receive Him we receive POWER! It is not a matter of can I do it but will I allow His power within me to be at work and DO IT!!!!!! So really it is a mind and heart over matter thing! Go forth in His power and accomplish what He prepared the way for you to do. Even if we don’t have all the details or if we are not sure of the how to just allow His Holy Power to set you apart and empower you to do your ministry. As I was reminded just this morning that it is not about position it ‘s about people! Let’s not seek great things for ourselves let’s seek a GREAT GOD!

I’ve Got The POWER because greater is He that is in me than he who is in this world!

I am a wimp but because of His power in me I am becoming a warrior!

I bless you with much JOY,


Kala’s Birthday!


I have a shout out for Kala Morris. It is her birthday today and I want to wish her a very Happy B-day! For those of you who do not know Kala she is awesome. She is officially DRM’s do whatever you ask her to girl and the best videographer this side of the world! Honestly she does unbelievable work! Chris and I have grown to love her and we are appreciative of her willingness to serve Christ in DRM!

A verse that describes Kala is Philippians 2:7!

Happy B-day Kala. We love you!

Stay In The Word,




Change, a word often followed with much anxiety! For me if it involves anything other than a new hairstyle then I do not willingly embrace it. I fall into the category of people labeled “Control Freaks”. I like to know where I am going, how I am getting there, which direction I am taking, who will it involve, how long the process will take, what will my sacrifice be, who will it effect etc.etc.etc. I know I know,hard to believe a mom of three, one special needs child, two “special needs” children without the genetic diagnosis, a husband in the ministry and school, working ministry and a job, two in dance, one in speech could possibly have an issue with change! This is the part where God shows me His humorous side and keeps my life in constant change. As long as we live upon this earth our lives will be ever changing. Sometimes it will be good change and sometimes it will the the kind of change James speaks of in Ch.1:2.  It seems like lately this topic keeps popping up all around me.  I know it is difficult to swallow the joy factor of suffering. When life has thrown you down in the mud and is slinging you unmercifully from side to side swallowing a big gulp of JOY is excruciating! I’m just being REAL with you, it ain’t easy(excuse my poor grammar)!

 God never changes. He is always the same. He has always been and will forever be. Seasons change, we grow older and beauty fades, love grows deeper and hearts let go but God remains. From beginning to end from everlasting to everlasting. I have God bumps right now just thinking about the same Almighty God that causes the sun to shine and the wind to blow is the same God that formed me with precise description and placed a purpose on my life. Then when he breathed the breath of life into me he sealed my destination with eternity. The icing on the cake is that in this life of twists and turns He remains, UNCHANGING! Not only do I receive joy in my change because He is refining me but I receive comfort because He is always the same, NEVER CHANGING.

Much Joy