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Recently my bro had an assignment given to him in one of his seminary classes. He had to ask certain people to evaluate his negative intra-personal traits! Whew, talk about difficult! Well maybe not so difficult for those who were assessing him but difficult for him the one being assessed! Of course he called upon me to this difficult task! Now had we been much younger I would have probably had a field day with this one as I did with so many other things back then! God does have perfect timing and I do have to say it was difficult for me to tell him negative things about his personality! Like who am I to tell someone else things they need to change about their personality. Then it hit me that we as children of God have to be willing to be sifted and refined in order to be imitators of Christ. To shine like stars in this dark world! After I finished responding to the assignment I decided that I was going to create the same assignment for myself, so for the next few weeks I am going to ask certain people to assess my intra-personal traits! No, this is not to torture myself only to move forward in truth to IMITATE CHRIST!

I will be honest and keep you guys posted on the comments and outcome!

Happy Tuesday on Wednesday!



Just Be Still


Has God ever jumped right off the pages of scripture and spoken to you? He did to me today! Lately I have been in an identity crisis. I dont know why but I have just felt a sense of what am I supposed to be doing? What area of my life needs more focus? What minisrty at church should I be involved in? God, what is my purpose for you in this season of my life? ETC ETC ETC………. During my quiet time this morning I came across Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!” I am not kidding you I felt the whisper from God Almighty Himself say to me just be still Tabitha dont jump ahead of me, dont fall back into the same patterns from your past! I am here and I do have something for you to do and guess what I will share it with you when the time is right! Right now I require of you to BE STILL! I am the worlds worst at moving in my fast pace life and crying out to God for help in the midst of my chaos and NEVER even STOPPING to listen to the voice of God! Oh yes He speaks, I mean come on He told the winds and waves to be still!!!!! Shame on me for steppin in His space and messin up His schedule! O.K. this is the COOL PART COOL PART COOL PART- I had to be still to be still! If I had not been seeking through prayer and fellowship in His word He could not have said to me BE STILL TAB!!!!! Any preacher, speaker, teacher or leader could have spoken on Psalm 46:10 and read that scripture aloud in my midst and I am convinced it would not have registered with me! I mean how many times have I read or heard that scripture!!!!! I encourage you to be still so you can be still!!!! Maybe you are not in an identity crisis right now and everything is falling in place for you! Remember everyone goes through the where do I belong feelings from time to time and only when we are in the mind set of Psalm 46:10 will we find it!!!

“Being is so much harder than doing, is’nt it? So just be don’t do!!!!”

Much Joy and Love

“New Beginnings”


WOW- This week has been a multitude of new beginnings for The Lewis Fam! All three of the kids started a new school: k-5, !st grade and 6th grade. Yes, that would be MIDDLE SCHOOL! I have moved to a new schedule at work so I can be home with the kids and also am in the process of moving into the position of Director of Ministries for DRM! Chris started school for the new semester and is really concentrating on filling his speaking schedule ! Whew, talk about change! The only thing I embrace change with without anxiety is my hair style! Marybeth is growing up and she WILL make new friends in the new overwhelming atmosphere of 6-8 graders! Topher WILL eat and he wont get lost in the sea of ALL those BIG kids and Gracie WILL find her classroom and remember her codes. Good gravey, as if it is not enough for a mother to release her children into an unknown world where survival is a must and sometimes they eat there own that we also have the worries of will they eat and find there classroom! If you have been there and done that then you feel my pain! Why are there not support groups for mothers who drop there kids off at a new school! That would be “MWDTKOANS”! Who knows maybe I will start one!
I have heard several sermons on God’s Grace alot in the past few days! He sure has released extra doses on me lately and I sure have needed it! The love and favor of God is definitely something I dont deserve yet He always provides Grace for every new beginning. I recognized this morning that He will never lead me anywhere, good or bad, that He will not give me the grace to walk through. AMAZING, even though I knew that, today I REALLY know that! We have this motto in our house that everday that God blesses us with is a ” DO-OVER”, a New Beginning!
Whether you are in a new beginning of your own or you feel like your stuck in a mundane routine you still need God’s Grace. My hope and prayer is that you find it because if you belong to Him it certainly is there!!!! Dont overlook it, grab it and embrace it because you are going through this thing called life regardless. His Grace is what makes it bearable!

If you are out there in blog world and I dont know you send me a comment so I can know you! If I do know you I am so glad I do!

” Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find GRACE to HELP us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Much Joy and Love

” Celebrate “


Last night some friends and I gathered for dinner to ” Celebrate “ the birthday of our dear friend Cindy!!!! The evening started off with much laughter and great silliness without ANY hesitation! I absolutely cannot get with these chicks without acting crazy! Laughter is like a good medicine for the soul and boy did our souls get medicated. Then by the end of the evening, after birthday cake, I realized we had moved from Celebrating Cindy’s birthday to celebrating God. How awesome is that. When it boils right down to it He is what life is ALL about. He is the greatest friend we could ever have. I love the scripture in John 15:13-16 where God tells us that no greater love hath any man that he lay down his life for his friends. We are not called his servants because a servant doesn’t know his masters business but he calls us friend. Incredible I think that God considers those who keep his commands his friends. I dont know about you but I want to know Him soooo intimately I can taste it. For Him to be my every breath, my every thought, my all consuming passion. I want Him to be my dearest friend.

 I am sooo thankful that I have been blessed with friends that love God as much as I do and we share His love together! PRICELESS!

I leave you with this. Is God your best friend? Is He your friend at all? He gave us a simple requirement to be considered His friend, keep my commands. Seek to know me through my word, through time in conversation with me, live your life for me and not for this world! After all He Died on a cross a very excruciating death for you and me. Nothing we could ever do could compare to His ultimate sacrifice for our friendship!

“God sees us as we really are, and He sees us as we’ll really be.”


This is a picture of us “celebrating”! Cindy is in the yellow shirt. She turned 21 (hahaha).


A Promise Is A Promise


It is TUESDAY! I made a promise to chat with you today! Speaking of promises, my youngest daughter is a promise maker! I am not sure yet if she is a promise keeper because enough time hasn’t passed for them to be fulfilled! The way it works is she makes the promise and then we lock pinky fingers, bite our thumbs and kiss our hand simultaneously! Recently she has promised to never forget how much she loves me right now and to always love me that much! Oh, make my heart melt! I know I will NEVER forget how much I love her right now and I won’t always love her that much because each moment I have with her my love will G-R-O-W!!!!

God made us a promise in Hebrews 13:5. ” Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, ” Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” I dont know about you but I find great comfort in knowing that the hand that I hold will never leave me or forsake me! God has been a promise keeper in my life! Have you allowed Him to be in yours?

O.K. I am steppin out a limb here at the risk of sounding like a corn ball but it has a deep point so go with me! I want to leave you with a childrens song that I cannot get out of my head! Read the words and take a moment to meditate on the truth!

I am a possibility
With a capital P
I am a great big bundle of Potentiality!

I am learning to hear Gods voice
And I’m a trying to make the right choice
I am a PROMISE to be
Anything God wants me to be!

” Do not seek great things for yourself, Seek a GREAT GOD!!!!”


” I’m Steppin Out!”


Hello blog world here I come! I am officially steppin outside my box and entering the blog world to share love, laughter and spiritual nuggets that I receive from my GREAT CREATOR!!!! My idea is one day a week to consistantly post “SOMETHING” for your musing! Thanks to my man a catchy title has been created, “Tuesday’s With Tab”! I told you it was catchy!

Speaking of Steppin Out there are several areas that Tab is doing that! Coming up in September I am starting a worship dance class at the Masters School of Creative Arts! I am soooo excited I can hardly stand myself! For those of you who do not know me well dance is one of my passions. As a child my dream in life was to be a Dancer on BROADWAY! I wanted to see my name in lights and do what I loved for the rest of my life- DANCE! When I married Chris and gave birth to three beautiful children the reality of a dancing career and my name in lights faded from view! I dont say that with despair I say that with great JOY! Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!” He is my delight and He certainly is giving me the desires of my heart! Now I would like to say that I grasped this easily but this was a long field trip for me! I am so thankful God never stops pursuing His children because here I am 11 years later receiving an old desire that was made captive to him! Not only do I get to dance but I get to dance unto the LORD! PRICELESS. Now before this turns into endless chatter I will wrap up by saying dont give up on God because He certainly will NOT give up on you. Seek Him with everything you have and Psalm 37:4 will become reality for you!

I leave you with MUCH JOY,