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“Total Dependence”


Many a few have stood in my shoes, said the wife of the down and out! I am the one and almost only who’s had the greatest pleasure of caring for the man of my dreams.I follow, only close to thirteen years, after his lovely mother, Joyce! Before you go and get all weirded out, he was the man of her dreams in a totally mother- son way!

Minus the ringing of the bell, I have gained another person to be totally dependent upon me. An overwhelming thought when you stop to ponder on what that really means. Without you and what you have to offer then the day to day reality of functioning would be near the impossible.

I have been reminded these past few weeks that in the grand scheme of things there is only ONE who can meet our needs. Christ alone is the wellspring of life. He makes the IMPOSSIBLE-POSSIBLE! To the work of Christ, I am a hand at times and a foot at others. It is my total dependence upon Him that:

1. Guides me

2. Satisfies me

3. Strengthens me

4. Equips me

Isaiah 58:11, ” The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail”.

When life hands you hurt bring it to the one who can heal, when it hands you uncertainty allow His peace to pass ALL your understanding, when the day is covered with darkness allow His light to shine into your soul and when it “seems” all hope is lost allow your circumstance to be gripped in the hands of the HOPE giver.




By The Way, I registered on-line tonight for the “No Other God’s” bible study. I also signed up to chat with an on-line bible study partner! I have not gotten her name yet but I am pretty pumped about gaining a new friend in Christ!

It’s not too late if you are interested! We start a week from today!

I will keep you posted on how things are going!

The gift of LOVE


Yesterday I sent my husband and my oldest daughter off to camp. This was the first ministry event Chris or I have been apart of that we have not both attended! A little melancholy about that but even worse that he has absolutely NO PHONE SERVICE! I cannot share in God’s work through him even via the telephone! YIKES!!!!

Some may say that is sheer co-dependency but I say it is a divine partnership! Who would not want to be in the midst of a person who translates RESPECT in a way that you almost want to turn around to see if someone REALLY important is behind you! He gets it! To love, honor and cherish. He accepts me for the creation God made in me.

I often think of what our life would be like if Christ were not at the center of our marriage. We once trotted down the path of self-reliance, then we took the road less traveled. The total dependence on Christ. The twists and turns of blind faith only to experience the gushing wind of peace as you glide into the upward slide out of that winding turn. Even as I punch the keys on my computer I get all tingly just thinking about the love I feel for my life-partner. Fully realizing that without my relationship with my heavenly father the latter would be IMPOSSIBLE!

Christ gives us the ability to see through His eyes of love, feel through His heart of compassion and give through His hand of mercy. He not only commands us to love like He loves but He showed us countless examples himself.( Mark 12:30-31)

” No Other God’s”


I have finally settled on my summer bible study. ” No Other God’s” by Kelly Minter. I have decided to join the on-line blog study with Beth Moore and her siesta’s!

I am a HUGE fan of Beth Moore bible studies! God really speaks to me through her studies! I also follow her blog.

I am excited about joining Kelly, Beth and The Siesta Girls in the “Living Room Series” to study God’s word.

You should join us!