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My New FAV!


I love to smell good! I would say that STINKING is one of my “PET PEEVES”! In my search of a new smell-good product, I just happened upon this…….

                                                  LOVE IT!




God Strength


A while ago I posted a link to here. As soon as I read their story my heart immediately connected to them. I know, I don’t really know how I could feel such a deep burden for someone I have never met. Maybe it is because we are in the same season of life as this couple or that I share a similar depth of love for my husband. Actually I really believe in my heart that God meant this.

Today I read the latest post and I was blown away by her God Strength. The kind of strength that you know could only come from our creator, the one who knows the depths of our every hurt. During times like this I believe God whispers this to our souls and we are able to allow HIS grace to carry us.

Why do we wait for tragedy or a circumstance beyond our control to posture ourselves to walk in God’s Strength? He intends for us to need Him every moment of our day. We will all need Him in different ways and our situations will not all look the same. Some of us will lose our spouse way too early, some of us will bury a child, some of us will suffer financial loss and others will be betrayed by someone dear to us. Some of us will be diagnosed with a terminal disease and others will be re-located to another country. Whatever the call, wherever we go, He is our constant. GOD IS OUR STRENGTH!

What is it that keeps you from walking daily in God’s Strength?

Dating my kids, Saturday with Gracie…….


I am a little late posting my date with Grace, lots going on this week! We had a blast!

Ice skating was on the agenda for the day and much to our surprise the rink was only available to the public for an hour and a half  time slot. Of course it did not fit into our schedule so we headed to our back-up location, Gattitown! That did not work for us either since we had already eaten lunch and part of the admission cost includes lunch! NO WAY were we going to pay for food and NOT eat it! 

After an adventure of happening upon something FUN we ended up at  the nail salon for a manicure! What girl doesn’t love a manicure?




Blue nails with pink flowers!

Blue nails with pink flowers!

Snow Food


SNOW is in the forecast and ALL of the people in the upstate are rushing madly to the grocery to stock up on bread and milk! I certainly fit into that category because all of Greenville will shut down over one inch of snow!

Why do we buy bread and milk, a quaint combination if you ask me. Those are always the first two items on my” snow food”list anytime there is talk of snow! I almost NEVER use the two together and they are not exactly the tastiest items to choose from. I guess it is one of those things you do just because you do! 

What’s makes your “Snow Food” list? Here are a few of ours:


Update # 2


weight_scalesI am moving and grooving in my new schedule! I did sneak a weigh this week but only because as I was using the restroom there was one staring me in the face! Who could resist, right? I am not a numbers conscience person but it was fun taking a peek to see if my hard work was paying off! IT IS…………..

The BEST thing about getting fit again is that I feels GREAT!

Are you this TUFF?


                                               Gracie Lewis

This is a girl who knows what she wants!

This is a girl who knows what she wants!

      I don’t know many “girls” who can look this cute and be this “tuff“!!!!

        Train up a child in the way she should go, right?

                                    Proverbs 22:6

Update # 1



I Am VERY Determined!

I Am VERY Determined

SEVEN weeks in and I am not as happy with my commitment as I would like to be! I had to alter my work-out schedule half way through this session due to the fact that I am a MOM! Certainly I did not forget that but sometimes I make out-of-body decisions only later to realize that I had a brain malfunction! Doesn’t everyone try to workout while doing homework with a first grader, a special needs second grader and a seventh grader that sometimes forgets that ” Updating Facebook” is not a subject in school? Much to my surprise, Tab could not tackle that one! 


O.K. I got my whine on so now I can update on my progress! 

1. New schedule ( 5 a.m. YIKES!)

2. New week

3. New focus

4. New shoes : ) VERY IMPORTANT!  

That’s all I have to say about that!



Check Out My NEW Shoes!

Check Out My NEW Shoes!