…Where does your soul turn when mothering gets TOUGH?

Being a mama, it’s a beautiful reward delivered in a package of fear. It wears tired like an old, comfortable sweater and exudes JOY beyond the linger of a first kiss…

We wrap them in protection as they enter our life and we push them into the world that tries to swallow them whole…

All they have is a Savior! The only hope they can cling to is His promise!

Nothing changes quite like time and nothing lasts quite like a Father’s love…

Do you tell them?

Do they know Him?

When all of this life fails them do they know to RUN to Him?

Whispers fall short but our walk speaks loud. The void of Christ in a moments glimpse is the tragedy when crisis hits; and the endless reminder of hope lost glances back at us.

Nothing is worth that loss. Tough rolls in with the tide and washes the pain along this shore but heaven’s time will come…

… and where our soul turns when mothering gets tough, will not shift with the sand.


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