Don’t Miss This…


It’s easy to get distracted these day’s. To get hopefully lost in the what’s to come.

Nothing leaps farther than the days turning into years and time suddenly stops long enough for us to catch our breath in between decades that have flown by.

If we’re not careful we will MISS the MISSION.

Our families will move on before we create the memories, instill the values and share the Savior.

Our neighbors will bury spouses and diseases will take-over aged bodies much too soon.

We will find ourselves aching over lost opportunities and somehow future generations will scurry to make up for our lost time.

Today is our chance. Today is our difference. Today is our mission.

Do what you’ve been putting off, pondering over, sighing about. Step out of your comfort zone so someone else can be comforted.

Be the voice in someone else’s silence. Create joy in another’s sadness. Extend hope into your neighbor’s disaster.

Be Jesus to those looking for Jesus!



“Therefore, GO and make disciples of all the nations….” (Matthew 28:19, NLT)


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