It’s FREE… Got it?


I LOVE FREE STUFF! With a family of 5 and a live in guest, we The Lewis’, NEED FREE stuff! Summer has vastly approached my calendar and I have been in heavy pursuit of activities that will provide FUN-FILLED days! (FREE if possible)

The book of Proverbs holds so many attributes of wisdom; a FREE  plethora of knowledge waiting to be attained and then put into action!

Chapter 11 always catches my spirit; it prompts my heart towards a more honest journey. Wisdom guides my feet to walk my path with humility, present myself to others with understanding, guard my tongue against gossip, gain honor because I am trustworthy and gain life because I pursue His righteousness. Through generosity, I gain more because I give FREELY!

We find favor when we seek good! His good! His wisdom!

And guess what? It’s FREELY given and WORTH ATTAINING!

We CHOOSE what we do with the FREE stuff once we receive it… sometimes, its work walking in humility, maintaining understanding with others, keeping our tongue’s from spewing gossip and maintaining PEACE. But, it is worth it!

Receiving the golden ticket to wisdom is FREE; BUT, it takes work to attain it! We must seek it, pray for it, apply it, live it and when we lose our way with it, we MUST press into wisdom again and move forward!

Wisdom will never fail us. It may leave us (because we somehow think our way is better, geez) BUT it will NEVER fail us!



“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and whoever captures souls is wise!” (Proverbs 11:30, ESV)


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