Vulnerable Moments {the stuff we DON’T like to talk about}


More often than I would like, my FLESH fights with my spirit! I quickly become tangled inside my thoughts of how broken I am. I wrestle with PRIDE and thoughts of ARROGANCE; and sometimes they stay way beyond their welcome!

I try to battle the conflict to the ground; Choke the life out of my fleshly thoughts before they choke the life out of me and WIN the battle without the SWORD!

Some days I am fooled by the disguise of reprieve. I walk with lofty hope that somehow I will be dismissed from the wrath of my pride; yet I meander hopelessly back to the ground. And the wrestle, the fight, the battle; it begins again!

It DOES NOT work! The battle between flesh and spirit wasn’t meant to be fought ALONE.

Have you been there? Can you relate?

I have… in fact, I frequent this arena. Not by choice but my flesh craves self-awareness in its greatest form: PRIDE & ARROGANCE!

I can’t escape the wrestle of my flesh nor can I escape the pull of the Holy Spirit that dwells within me; so, how do I continue to FIGHT the battle and WIN?

~ I remove the noise: eliminate the doors I open to feed my flesh!

~ I gear up for battle: PRAY, submerge myself in scripture, PRAY,  talk to others who hold me accountable & PRAY!

~ I attack the flesh thoughts: speak HIS truth’s into my ME thoughts, shift my focus from my ideal to His ideal, move from operating in my world into operating in His world!

~ I march forward in His truth: we ARE who He says we are and He can do what He says He can… period… nothing else!

All wins do not follow a battle and all battles do not result in a win; But, being PREPARED to FIGHT when you need to will help equip you with a WIN!

How do you do it? Fight the wrestle with your flesh? And WIN?


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  1. Great post Tab! really straight to the point, and short! not easy to do I might add! Its incredibly simple the source of our thoughts,but not so easy to catch…. Unless we’re intentional! thanks! your blessed me again!

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