>Armed and Dangerous



Today I am heading to Leading and Loving It’s “Armed & Dangerous” PW’s conference!

Whew, that’s a mouthful! It may be a mouthful to say but my heart is EXPLODING thinking of the FUN, LAUGHTER and ENCOURAGEMENT that’s going to take place the next three days!

This year I began leading a Virtual Community Group for PW’s, women who are doing life in a role similar to mine! My heart has grown endeared to the women in our group, even though we’ve only had face time via our computers! It is important to live in community with other women and share the ups and downs of womanhood; to walk in full security that they are praying for you, they will sharpen you, encourage you and even get into your space when they need to!




Necessary to maintain accountability in a harsh, critical world. So, for the next three days I will be chatting it up face to face with my girls and connecting with new faces I’ve yet to meet!

I’m curious… How do you connect with other women?


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