>When Will We?



When will we STOP: stop despairing life as if it has no hope? That the very breath God has exhaled into our lungs has no voice? That the heart song has died and grace has not been granted? That hills cannot be climbed and desert places will die of thirst? When we will we STOP? Stop treating our past as the end and our future as a repeat? That He doesn’t listen and His guidance doesn’t require our surrender?

When will we START: start despairing that we, His workmanship, have stopped showing up for our days tasks? That souls are not only despairing but dieing; destined for an eternal hell? That hurting people hurt people and our lies our tangling His truth? That people are starving and homes are broken? That babies lives are not starting and teens are closing in behind trapped doors? That bodies are being sold and innocence is being robbed? That unless we live Him, speak Him, serve for Him, share Him and cry out to him, despair will overtake and the enemy will continue to take captive!

He, our Holy Father, DID promise us many troubles but ushers hope into our despair. Hope of a future, Hope of abundance in Him, Hope of life everlasting.

There is so much more waiting on the other side!

Will you STOP giving into despairing thoughts and START abiding in Him?

“… I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5, ESV)


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