>Sunday Take Away!!!!



Yesterday’s message was so meaty- yet so inspiring- yet so heavy- yet so stirring…. You get my point, right? EVERY Sunday I leave Revolution praying that each person who attended would leave compelled to LOVE Jesus more (including myself). By reading this, I hope when the last word crosses your eyes view, that YOU will be compelled to LOVE Jesus more! He’s so much more than ANYTHING else you could dream of! So, off to my takeaway from yesterday…

After a break for Easter, we entered “back” into our Acts series! My husband shared some insight into the character of Timothy’s life and his steadfast commitment to honor God with his journey! I was challenged by Timothy’s steadfast character. Do I honor God daily with my EVERYTHING? Does my character withstand the pressure of this fallen world?

In Acts 15 we discover that Timothy was a young boy and was born into a mixed marriage (spiritually speaking). God was preparing Timothy for something GREAT at such a young age. He understood through his youthful thoughts, whether you’re young or old, God can accomplish anything He desires through you.

With remarkable character, Timothy did this: he submitted to authority, he submitted to personal preferences and he submitted to the mission.

To fully embrace submission and uphold God’s character in our lives; We must realize that strength is not a weakness it’s a strong act of humble obedience to Christ! To pursue Christ in a personal way our personal preferences must go! We must sacrifice everything for the sake of the gospel!

When we sow a thought; we reap an act
When we sow an act; we reap a habit
When we sow a habit; we reap character
When we sow character; we reap a destiny

Do you submit to authority with total abandon to your personal preferences? 

Are you a woman of character?

Character is what’s displayed when no one is looking!

“For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.” (Mark 8:35, ESV)

You can view the service here:http://vimeo.com/23120052

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