>Mourning Moments… { Of Motherhood }



I heard someone say, that birthing children and opening yourself to the world of motherhood, contains a bounty of joy and heartache all at once. Joy and pain, they hold hands during motherhood. Shortly after your child’s first cry bounces off your ear, you find yourself rolling aimlessly on the floor prying the two apart! For a mother FIGHTS for her children’s happiness and BEGS to absorb their pain. All too often we wear our hearts outside our chest and with each pierce to their soul we bleed compassion for them.  Too engrossed in our band-aid moment to realize that these are mourning moments. Moments from God where He reminds us that sometimes He stops the pierce of their soul and others He stops the bleeding. Nothing catches God by surprise and causes Him to second guess these moments. For every season He created a purpose and quite carefully He tucked mourning moments into His development of motherhood. 
To mourn for those we birthed, is God opening the window to who He is. A chance to be compelled by His compassion and to speak that He never fails us. It is He that equips us for motherhood. Children, they’re born unto us, to complete His story. They supplement life with this pair; JOY and PAIN. My mourning moments follow: the scrape of a knee, an unkind word spoken by a “friend”, when being different isn’t accepted and their cherished possessions don’t match other’s presumptions, Christ living in them is misunderstood and innocence is stolen, unmet expectations that disappoint and somehow the reality of what WILL NOT come sets in. When the Joy of who they are, grabs hold of the PAIN of what they experience, and we dance… we step back and forth in sync to the rhythm of this life and we dance.
Joy and pain, that lead to my mourning moments, this is the place where the music fades and I find God. He is waiting; arms open in a gigantic spread and His voice softly beckoning me to come. Come unto my comfort and fall into my embrace, for this is where you belong. And we dance… we dance to the melody of His peace and the wrap of His embrace keeps our rhythm. He brushes away my tears  and names each one; for nothing is meager to His significance. His comfort calms my storms and the winds and waves of my mourning moments obey Him. They obey His compelling call; to be still in my grasp, for this moment will pass. When the music of our dance fades and your mourning is nigh, you my child, will drift beautifully into your new moment… another God moment of motherhood!
“Be still and know that I am God…” (Psalm 46:10 ESV)

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