>She Dreams… Because She Was Created To!



A recent twitter post was followed by a profound moment in my day of motherhood! I am deeply in-tune with my children; I HIGHLY ESTEEM my role in equipping them for life! I want to know them, what makes them ticklish, their favorite scents, whether they like mayo or mustard, if they are scared of the dark and if rainy days makes them blue, how high can they jump and what makes their heart soar. Do they prefer skipping instead of running, do they feel safe at home and do they know how much I love them…

Our afternoons are filled with long car rides and backseat homework time. Some days it is FUN and other days it is CHALLENGING.And while they’re working, I’m THINKING… what can I discover about them that I don’t know, so I can inspire them to grow? Without being intentional our days could easily pass us by with a quick good morning, followed by a breakfast on the go. Then a hurry up get your bath so we can swiftly say your prayers! For me that concept doesn’t settle well and all too often I find myself confounded by my lacking. They are only with me for a short time and somewhere between teething and dating I REFUSE to let time pass me by! Oh friends, I will be deliberate about studying what makes my children tick… this mean, hurtful world is all up in their business and death will overtake me before I give up on them! I want to KNOW them! How can I inspire them to be ALL that our God created them to be if I don’t know them. Like a tiny babies hand laying softly within yours; you study the smallness, the simplicity, the newness! Lord forgive me if I give up because diapers go away and adolescence and puberty set in! They NEED us and we NEED to know them!

My discovery about my Dreamer:

I am Gracie. I am the daughter of Chris and Tabitha.

I am smart and funny. I wonder sometimes if mermaids are real.
I hear trumpets. I see myself in L.A.
I want a basketball scholarship. I am smart and funny.

I pretend to be a teacher. I feel unbreakable.
I touch a flying horse. I worry my hand will fall off.
I cry when a family member dies. I am a teacher.

I know I am eight. I say I believe in myself.
I dream about meeting Taylor Swift. 
I try to make 100 shots in basketball.
I hope to get a convertible. I am eight.

(Written by my dreamer:Gracie Lewis)

“Let’s get to KNOW who our children are so we can INSPIRE them to be who they were created to be”!

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