>Sunday Take AWAY!!!!



Sunday Take Away!

but Jesus said, ” Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for such belongs to the kingdom of heaven”.

Oh, the holy calling of pouring into pure- innocent souls… God esteems the act of kneeling in front of their tiny faces and whispering His name into their ears… Jesus… he loves you more than ANYONE else in the world… He will NEVER fail you or DISAPPOINT you… Jesus… molded you, JUST YOU, for your specific purpose… O Father, that we would not fail their tiny hearts… not dismiss the importance of telling them of your love and divinely showing them… 

Today, this cold and rainy Sunday, it was my voice plummeting upon their ears… I sat in front of blue eyes, and brown-short hair, hands anxiously being raised and lips wiggling from right to left with the anxious hope of me calling upon them… their jolly spirits were jumping up and down to motions and vocal chords ruptured to the tunes of Father Abraham… YES, they were hearing truth amidst the laughter… His TRUTH… join with God in the promise, YOUR LIFE, and you too will be a part of God’s blessing… God NEVER breaks a promise!

… He will ALWAYS do what He says… in His time… in His way… He WILL fulfill His promise… do you receive that Blessing?

My Sunday Take Away… tell them about you… the children… they must know you… it IS an EMERGENCY… life disappoints and anger afflicts…. they NEED you… I must NEVER remove myself from the tiny faces that lack YOU… 

… and yours… what’s your Sunday Take Away?


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