>The Little Things



The sound of my alarm pierces through my cold, quiet room… I drag my arm around to silence the horrific sound of AWAKE… everything within me wants to lay… to dream… to give thanks… the thought of LIFE captures my senses and I exhale into my day… for today I can get up… for today I have breath… I feel the rush of my heartbeat and the stillness of my soul…  and it IS my choice… I will do it… I will confiscate this day… today I will appreciate the “little things”…

The touch of his hand… the sound of her giggle… the trickle of her fingers across the keys… the pat of his tiny fingers through his giant hug… the aroma of java and vision of daylight… the words of their innocence and the passion of the balls bounce… running, tickling, talking, dreaming, sliding and sharing, hopeful moments and endless stares, nose to nose kisses and thumb wars for hours and in the rush of this world… TODAY… I will relish in His gift…

The Little Things… Encounter… Enfold… Enjoy!

Trailer for “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp

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