He said, “NO“… I was so sure it would be YES… with everything within me I knew it was that appointed time… I mean He had spoken to my fragile spirit that He wants me to grow, He wants me to listen, He wants me to absorb His voice… APPLY what I’ve been given for His greater good… so after hearing that, one would think it would have been YES…

Did I miss it… was it a selfish dream… an intimate, self-absorbed desire… did my ability to discern His voice go away… the sting was tangible and my heart was broken… for He is my way-maker… the possible to my IMPOSSIBLE… the means to my need… YET, His answer was NO!

The sound of it crushed me and in the depth of my despair… His NO, suddenly became my YES… I really don’t know how… as much as I wanted what my heart had sought after, thankfully, along the way, He stepped in… He took over… He spoke up… and I was left with His NO… as my heart collapsed under this despair, gently the voice of YES whispered… above the noise… above the disappointment… above the dread… I HEARD MY YES!

A dream spoken into your heart is REAL… even when God closes a door, He is only removing obstacles that will lead you to the ultimate opening… With a heavy heart but TOTAL understanding before the Lord… I accept His NO! A WISE soul encouraged me with this, ” God’s no’s are always wrapped in redirection and purpose!”… I believe it and I receive it!

Remember this… His NO can only lead us to OUR GREATER YES! 

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28


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