>I absolutely despise roach bugs… they give me the CREEPS! I can accept that they are a part of God’s beautiful creation BUT I absolutely want them to stay in their own territory!  Needless to say, when they step into my arena, IT’S ON

Just recently I happened upon one in my home… I couldn’t reach a napkin soon enough to grab it and SQUISH it! I have NO REMORSE for them… once I get them in my grasp I squeeze and twist… I get pleasure out of removing them from my clean, safe & healthy environment… I did NOT invite the roach in & trespassers are NOT highly favored!

The same with difficult people… I don’t usually invite them into my space, they usually are not highly favored & I often want to squish them… BUT they too are a part of God’s beautiful creation… often I think maybe God allows me to cross paths with the difficult ones to SHARPEN me, STRENGTHEN me, HUMBLE me, GROW me and INCREASE my PATIENCE! I WELCOME all of these opportunities for growth into my life but I wouldn’t necessarily choose the process through DIFFICULT PEOPLE.

We ALL encounter difficult people. For some they are family members, co-workers, a neighbor, someone in the grocery line, a church member or maybe even someone you live with.  The next time you encounter that DIFFICULT PERSON remember they are crossing your path for a specific reason… whether it’s to sharpen you or God showing His sovereignty to them… most of the time, them being difficult, is NOT a reflection of you… it’s an inward image into the chaos of their soul… SO REMEMBER THIS…

1.  You CAN CHOOSE how you let their actions & words effect you… sometimes you have no other choice than to love difficult people with the cross in between you!

2.  You CAN’T CONTROL how difficult people act towards you BUT you CAN CONTROL how you react to them…


 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF!”( Luke 10:27)


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