>Her Season to Dance



For everything there is a season; a time for every matter under heaven..
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Life is so FULL of many twist & turns…. ups and downs… in & outs… certainly there are seasons of joy and laughter…. often followed by seasons of refining and pain… This verse, growing up, didn’t pull at my heart strings like it does today!

Though I still consider myself in some of the prime years of my life… I have certainly lived long enough to slowly slip into my season to plant only to be rapidly yanked into a season of pruning… followed by a season of silence that lead to a season to speak…
That’s HARD but that’s REALITY! Why… because GOD said so!
A part of the process that makes us MORE like HIM!
This is HER season to dance… my little brown- haired, blue-eyed G…
My child who is stubborn but gentle… strong-willed but FULL of courage… giddy but WISE!
I cannot begin to re-create this season BUT I never want it to leave… I find myself asking God to let it STAY… to give me her weeping/tearing/mourning seasons so she can have the dancing/laughing/loving seasons… after I speak this I am QUICKLY reminded in my spirit that it’s the HARD seasons that usher us into the BEAUTY of the good seasons! 
Where are you… are you embracing the season you’re in?


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