>"Tangible Compassion"…



 Tangible Compassion… a prompted deep thought- from a blog post I read earlier…

Maybe you have been known to state your compassion at the news of tragedy or rough times in another’s life… I sure have!… That somewhere deep down you feel that pity or maybe even sadness for those hurting around you… maybe you even had the thought “Thank You Lord That’s Not Happening To Me”… I’m sure at some point in time we’ve all had that thought… NOBODY likes to feel that deep pain, that takes your breath away… It just doesn’t feel good… 

Is it our love for Christ that compels us to move from thoughtful compassion to tangible compassion… maybe not for some… maybe it comes naturally… there are a lot of “Good People” that don’t know Christ… maybe it’s your spiritual gift manifesting itself… All I know is I am compelled to show more “Tangible Compassion”… I believe it is CERTAINLY being the hands and feet of Christ… picking someone else up when they’ve been knocked down… I  once heard it said “Don’t withhold something from someone that you one day will need in return”… Tangible Compassion, if you haven’t yet needed it bestowed upon you… One Day You Certainly Will…

May I so graciously share the link to where my deep though was prompted…



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