I have taken a YEAR long sabbatical from blogging… For no particular reason other than “LIFE” takes on a new shape/meaning from time to time and I MUST allow myself to follow the path set before me… The past few days I have read in Ecclesiastes… The teacher is speaking of wisdom and the meaning of life here vs. our eternal destiny… The seasons and times for EVERYTHING and how God gives us ALL a time and a chance… It’s up to us to seize HIS timing and opportunity…

It’s up to us to seize our time whatever and wherever that my be right now… For some it may be following a PASSION relentlessly, some planning a life commitment to the lover of your soul, maybe raising children or running for the office of “PTA” President… that’s sounds pretty prestigious doesn’t it!!!… For others you may be saying good-bye, caring for the sick, scrounging for employment, contemplating an end to your marriage… Whether your weeping or laughing, mourning or dancing SEIZE your opportunity… Find HIM, GRAB on to HIS timing!!!

Gratefully HIS,

Tab 🙂


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