Who’s Changing Who?


                          YOU CAN’T CHANGE CIRCUMSTANCES

                     AND YOU CAN’T CHANGE OTHER PEOPLE

                                 BUT GOD CAN CHANGE YOU

                                       EVELYN A. THEISSEN


I am not quite sure my mind wraps around this statement. It totally makes sense to me when I try to encourage others to walk fully in it’s truth but when it comes to my own circumstance I am either trying to change my circumstance or make others change to fit my mold of who they should be in my circumstance!

You know what I am talking about…… the deceiving sense of accomplishment you feel when you’ve worked a situation out for your greater good…….. only to find out that your misconception of greater good has turned bbbbbbbad…….. suddenly you’ve  ended up right back where you started with an even BIGGER CIRCUMSTANCE ………

Often God is slow in changing our circumstance. He is being patient because He wants a HEART CHANGE! He wants a posture of sincere effort, not strong perfection. He desires for me to desire Him. He longs for sheer commitment no matter the extent of sacrifice. He wants me to want Him in the very midst of my circumstance. And when I come up from the long, gruesome fight He wants me to find Him faithful!




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