God Strength


A while ago I posted a link to here. As soon as I read their story my heart immediately connected to them. I know, I don’t really know how I could feel such a deep burden for someone I have never met. Maybe it is because we are in the same season of life as this couple or that I share a similar depth of love for my husband. Actually I really believe in my heart that God meant this.

Today I read the latest post and I was blown away by her God Strength. The kind of strength that you know could only come from our creator, the one who knows the depths of our every hurt. During times like this I believe God whispers this to our souls and we are able to allow HIS grace to carry us.

Why do we wait for tragedy or a circumstance beyond our control to posture ourselves to walk in God’s Strength? He intends for us to need Him every moment of our day. We will all need Him in different ways and our situations will not all look the same. Some of us will lose our spouse way too early, some of us will bury a child, some of us will suffer financial loss and others will be betrayed by someone dear to us. Some of us will be diagnosed with a terminal disease and others will be re-located to another country. Whatever the call, wherever we go, He is our constant. GOD IS OUR STRENGTH!

What is it that keeps you from walking daily in God’s Strength?


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