Update # 1



I Am VERY Determined!

I Am VERY Determined

SEVEN weeks in and I am not as happy with my commitment as I would like to be! I had to alter my work-out schedule half way through this session due to the fact that I am a MOM! Certainly I did not forget that but sometimes I make out-of-body decisions only later to realize that I had a brain malfunction! Doesn’t everyone try to workout while doing homework with a first grader, a special needs second grader and a seventh grader that sometimes forgets that ” Updating Facebook” is not a subject in school? Much to my surprise, Tab could not tackle that one! 


O.K. I got my whine on so now I can update on my progress! 

1. New schedule ( 5 a.m. YIKES!)

2. New week

3. New focus

4. New shoes : ) VERY IMPORTANT!  

That’s all I have to say about that!



Check Out My NEW Shoes!

Check Out My NEW Shoes!


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