Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History…….


I posted an intro on this,  before I decided to take a blogging sabbatical. This statement is too good not to share personal thoughts on, so here goes…..

To be a God-fearing, gracious and kind-hearted woman is ultimate victory for a woman in God’s kingdom. In Proverbs, the book of wisdom, there is much insight on the rewards of attaining Godly wisdom. Here it says that a kindhearted woman gains respect and here is a whole chapter that describes a woman of noble character.

A woman who makes her goal to be gentle and kind like Jesus will have far greater influence for good in the world than anyone who ruthlessly pursues worldly goals. 

Today I pay tribute to a woman who through my life and the lives of many others has made history! She is noble and kind. Her hands are gentle and her arms embrace the love of Christ. Her lips speak of His splendor and her eyes see with His love. She has made such a profound impact on who I am today and in the midst of all she has endured in this life her behavior to her circumstance will leave a lasting mark on those of us to follow. She is the very one who introduced me to my Lord and to her I will forever be grateful! 

My Grandmother, Melvina Sady Barbary. I love you dearly. Thank you for showing me the love of Christ and living it in all that you do.





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  1. No, truer words were ever spoken! I don’t know of a kinder more gental woman than mother! she would be so Honored! Very well written Words of Wisdom!!!!!!! I have Alway’s said in more ways than one you are like her. I thank God for her to. Love you the world… MOM

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