So What’s Up……


I thought I might express some insight from an earlier post. “Am I smarter then a seventh grader?”  My husband and I decided to home-school our oldest daughter this year. Actually I am  teaching and he thought that was a GREAT idea!

Not too bad for the first 25 days, Just like any new adventure in life you must roll with it and dip with it.

We have persevered through math, journeyed through history, written enough index cards in Grammar to educate the 5000 and creatively experimented in science!

I would like to attest to the fact that anyone can homeschool. The only pre-requisite is you MUST be disciplined!. I shall not attempt to define discipline because it looks different for each individual. Before we started this venture I often imagined how our typical day would unfold. For me, we would start and REMAIN on a very structured schedule because structure makes me HAPPY! While my “seventh grader” thought we would rise late and watch lots of reality t.v. during long breaks from that six letter word, S-C-H-O-O-L!

Much to her surprise and mine, everyday starts and ends very differently from what we imagine. It certainly does not include rising late and watching excerpts of ” What not to Wear”!  

What I have discovered about this venture is I get to be apart of the moment when she gets it. I get to see how God created her mind to think and understand the importance of each opportunity to learn something new and express a new idea. If I can home-school, anyone can home-school!

So what’s up…….. I am doing what I do and doing it with ALL my might!


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