Holdin My Arms Up…..


The older I get the sweeter my journey with Christ gets! The more I seek Him the more I find Him! Interesting isn’t it…. There is a song playing on the local christian radio station and the lyrics have caught my attention. ” I don’t know what you are doing inside of me. It feels like chaos but somehow there’s peace. I know that somehow it’s BIGGER than me. I’m given into something that’s HEAVENLY!”

Life is BIGGER than us and the world throws chaos at our front door. I am certain that is why God urges us to cast ALL our cares upon Him. In the midst of doing life, or better yet the chaos, somehow there is HIS peace. In the depths of a call that is beyond your ability, He is saying HOLD YOUR ARMS UP and grab onto me. I want to bring you into something heavenly. I often wonder if preparing a child to enter a world of broken promises and emptiness and to not be sucked into the windfall of deceit is closely related to how Christ feels when we accept Him. He has never intended for us to do life alone. He has completely laid it all out on the table and said, LIFE IS GOING TO BE HARD”!!!! Then in the next breath He says don’t fear it my child because I have overcome the brokenness and deceitful emptiness. Just HOLD YOUR ARMS UP and grab onto me. I will carry you through the twists and turns and walk with you through the chaos and sit with you in the mercy seat.

I want to bring you into something HEAVENLY………


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