OK…..So in a perfect world the guy always gets the girl, the rain never messes up your hair and you do actually see the light at the end of the tunnel! I know in the one and only perfect place, HEAVEN, there is a greater reason that parenting has turned MAD in Lewisville!

I have never in my life experienced the great difficulty as such this week. I am a girl who embraces the humorous side of life even in the not so humouous stuff! Like the air conditioning unit leaking and ruining the carpet. Leaving a nice musky aroma to brush across the sense of smell. My computer deciding to catch a disease and totally crashing leaving no other option but to purchase a new one! Don’t know when that will be!

In Isaiah 26:3 it says, ” He will KEEP me in perfect peace; whose mind is stayed on HIM, because I trust in you!”I have camped out on this verse and claimed that in my chaos. Now, I must say that I did request to SUPERSIZE and have God himself step in and clean house. Much to my suprise He felt as if I were the better fit for that position! A little side road of adjusting to change will certainly blossom a  healthy dose of humility and thankfulness.

I am not sure that there is any great point in this other than I know in the midst of my chaos how to remain in PERFECT PEACE! My mind at all times must stay on Christ. He is in control of my everything. I must trust in Him because He is the sanity inside the hot mess of life.



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