A Whirlwind


I have completely abandoned writing these past few weeks due to a “whirlwind” of events happening in the Lewis family! PTL they are all good things! May for our family is like Christmas time on steroids. Birthdays’, mothers day, dance recitals, soccer banquets, graduations, proms, field day, awards day………. Whew, I don’t know how we ever survive when we barely have time to come up for air.

One thing is for sure, we will never get moments like this again. There is only one 12th birthday, one celebration of a milestone to graduate from the first grade and the hooping and hollering for a kinder-gardener who learned to read her first book! There is a first time for everything but only ONE FIRST time!

I often try to imagine what all of heaven does when another soul accepts Christ for their eternity. For some it is a celebration of a milestone of years of prayer for a lost loved one. For others a joyful jubilation of a child coming to the father with no baggage or strings attached from a messed up world. No one enjoys our celebrations more than the very one who hand crafted our design. What He created to be a masterpiece reaching it’s full potential takes my breath away.

We are called to something greater than average. A lifetime of calm and tranquil leads to a path of destruction and spiritual emptiness. Embrace your whirlwind, hold high your tired and weary head and finish this race set before you. Christ tells us the prize we will be rewarded is beyond ANYTHING we could ever imagine!

The very thought of living in His abundance here on earth makes my heart long to awake to my next whirlwind.


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