Getting Over Myself


While attending Inspire 08 I am learning that I just flat out need to “GET OVER MYSELF“! Not really what you hope to get out of a conference that is totally geared for your Inspiration!

When we arrived yesterday I certainly had my own expectations of what I wanted God to reveal to me while we were here. As we entered into the main session last night to begin to turn our hearts to worship, God spoke to my spirit and said, “Hey chick, I just want you to sit your britches down and silence yourself. You gonna listen to me while you are here”! Not exactly a GOOD sign that He is going to do things your way.

You see what I am figuring out while I am here is that inspiration is refining. It is listening to God’s voice of conviction, looking into the eyes of spoiled expectations set by human, selfish desires and allowing God to blind you to self focus and lead you into the Holy of Holies. Inspiration to raise the bar of spiritual growth,to rise to the capability of the ability God has gifted you with through Him. Not to walk away with the spirit of defeat or inadequacy, but to walk into a new realm of opportunity. A place where God stretches you to the point of un-recognition so He and only He can be the focal point of your ministry.

For fear of not hearing what God was going to say to me I postured myself to stillness. Session after session His voice kept echoing, like that of a lion’s roar, to get over yourself so I can reach those I have set out to reach through you. Instead of tirelessly trying to connect the outer rings of my core ministry (FAMILY), let God open doors and part seas for me. God does not need me to connect the dots in my life. He needs me to release my grip and allow Him to move me from one season to the other. He tore the veil

The soul desire of Inspire 08 was to be a stone of remembrance for those who attended. This event has created open places in my soul that is thirsting for God’s river of delight. I was reminded of the scripture in Psalm 37:4, ” Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart”. When we are surrendered to Him, whatever that may be, He puts those desires in our hearts and carries them on to COMPLETION!


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  2. It’s amazing to experience the indescribeable JOY and FREEDOM of being completely submissive within God’s plan. He has so much to bring in our lives IF we will just get out of His way! I have been inspired by your experience at Inspire 08!

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