The Rock


I have had an awesome day today preparing to serve single moms in my church community! WAC hosted a single mom’s banquet tonight that we hope will be an annual outreach event for our church family!

I spent some time reflecting on what a HUGE task God entrusted us with when he gave MOM’S the ministry of children. As I was thanking Him for the privilege I was also praising Him for equipping us. You know it is just like Him to give us the BIG stuff and then give us the TOOLS to tackle it too! Without His word we really would perish!

In the midst of my reflecting I had to STOP and ask myself this question, ” Am I building my house upon the rock”? When the storms come and our lives are tossing to and fro in our sea of chaos, nothing can destroy what has been built upon Him! My children can walk into the heritage that has been set before them with full confidence that will stand the test of time! He does not expect me to always get it right but He does expect me to try. I cannot afford to be idle in my efforts and allow this world to entice them with what will leave them cold and empty. As Beth Moore would say, ” There ain’t no HIGH like the MOST HIGH”! Oh, I want my children to know that. I want them to feel like they are missing something REALLY BIG if they are not walking in the fullness He has for them!

You know when the rain came down, the streams rose and the winds blew and beat about the house…….the house did not fall because the WISE MAN built it upon the ROCK!!!!


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