New ministry at WAC


Someone stepping outside their comfort zone so someone else can GROW more intimate with Christ definitely ranks HIGH in my area of respect! Follow me as I follow Christ is something we hear countless times throughout Gods word from ordinary people just like you and me! They were extraordinary because of their SOLD-OUT commitment to lead by example so that others would know the only HOPE to be found. The HOPE of Jesus Christ.

Today we presented a new mentor ministry, called the MIMIC MINISTRY, to some of our people who have said I want to be –THAT ONE! The one who is so passionately loving Jesus that they are chewing at the bit for a new believer to experience the Jesus who completes them! As we walked through the process the excitement grew and by the end certain ones were sharing, with tears in their eyes, how awesome it is to play a tiny part in someones growth in Christ. Others were not sure they could even muster up the courage to lead others when they felt as if they needed to be the one being lead! Truth be told we are none worthy enough, educated enough or even prayed up enough to lead some one else on our own. It is by the divine hand of God Almighty that we are a bristle in the brush used to paint the portrait of His masterpiece!

I cannot wait to see how God uses those willing to follow Him so others can grow in Him too! I can feel it in my bones this is going to radically change lives beyond the walls of our church building!

We must stop kidding ourselves that we can accomplish anything for the Kingdom of God on our own.

Are you saying no to something that you should be saying yes to?


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