Choosing To Cheat


Do I do this enough? Do I say that enough? Could I change this to be more like that? The questions that swirl in our heads that make us second guess the privilege God has entrusted us with. Being a mom is certainly not easy but God never intended for us to set our standards by some worldly idea of what a “SUPERMOM” should be. You know that idea that you must drive a certain car with a certain amount of stickers, be the PTA president, be a member of certain elite clubs, your child must perform in certain activities, you must neglect your marriage and yourself to be totally dispensable to your child, and so on and so on and so on.

1. We CHEAT ourselves:

God has very clearly set His standards for what a MOM should look like. He certainly wants us to be who He created us to be as an individual. If I spend all my time comparing myself to another woman then I will never accomplish the purpose He has for the creation in ME. “He created my inmost being…… I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.(Psalm139:13-14) A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. We CHEAT ourselves when we strive to be something we were not destined to be.

2. We Cheat our children:

That gift in our children is a package that is continuously unfolding. They are fashioned by the makers hands to become a scene in His greatest story ever told! We are destined for greatness when we follow His plan. ” These commandments I give you are to be upon your hearts. Talk about them with your children. talk about them when you sit at home……Write them on the door frames of your houses”. (Deut 6:4-9) Are there magical answers for every situation that arises in the life of a mom, of course not. The promise that when we seek Him and believe Him for great things He has done, our children will rise up and call us blessed. We cheat our children when we refuse to recognize they are a gift from Him and we do not treasure the instruction of His word.

3. We CHEAT God:

He knows the plans He has for us……..plans to prosper us………give us a hope and a future. Taking it from someone who said I am NEVER having children, He knows the plans He has for us! Today I could not imagine my life without each of my children and I receive so much joy I could never experience without them. I do ask God often if He is sure I am the one for the task of being a mom to Marybeth, Gracie and Topher. That is one of those questions you answer yourself before you even ask. When we spend our time focused on the what if’s and why’s we take away from God’s how to’s and when’s! We all know God makes no mistakes. We cheat God when we question His plan and direction for what He has entrusted us with.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time wondering why me and how can I ever. God always speaks to me through His word and reminds me that my life and my children’s life is a gift. His creation is for a greater purpose far beyond my comprehension. Who am I to mess it up by striving to be a mom set at someone or something else’s standard. Who am I to seek my own understanding instead of trusting the hand of the very one who holds me up.

If I choose anything other than God. I am “CHOOSING TO CHEAT”!

Topher, Marybeth and Gracie


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