Offically’s have been happening to me lately! Some good and well some not so GOOD! We all have those moments in life that are inevitable and sometimes we approach them kicking and screaming. Some of us are still in absolute denial that we have “OFFICIALLY” crossed over!

Here are some of my officially’s:

1. I am now “officially” a soccer mom!

2. I am now officially a ” Proud Parent of a Terrific Kid at Lakeforest Elementary”! ( Both Gracie and Topher)

3. I “officially” cannot gloss my hair anymore. I must move on to COLOR!

4. I “officially” cannot eat whatever I want and skip exercising to stay in good shape!

5. I “officially” have been labeled a BAD cook by ALL who have ever tried any of my cooking!

6. I “officially” cannot stay awake past 9:00!

7. I have “officially” stepped onto the other side of adulthood. Last night a youth at my church returned a phone call from me. I missed the call so she left me a message. In her sweet little voice she said  that I could either call her back or ” IF I KNEW HOW” I could just text her ! I did not know whether to be crushed or laugh. I opted for the laughter! To top it all off she ended it with a “YES MAM”!

Times change, beauty fades, and life is a vapor! One thing remains for me. God is constant. He never changes. He is official!


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