I’m Coming Home!


I said goodbye to Starbucks yesterday and  I am running with open arms into the next season of my life. I had a blast working in the “Coffee” world learning about the coffee bean and how it is grown. Not to mention the many different people I met along the way. Some will be lifelong friends and others have given me many a funny story to tell. Life really does happen over a cup of coffee. Everything from talks about new tattoos and babies to praying for sickness and trying not to cry over “spilled milk”! A day did not go by that I did not thank the Lord for the opportunity to talk about Him with those I came in contact with and will forever remember that my life had a purpose being a Barista at Starbucks far beyond anything I could ever comprehend. For all of you coffee lovers I do believe I know how to brew the perfect cup of coffee . It was also an absolutely glorious ride of drinking ALL the Starbucks lattes I wanted for FREE! Double tall, not fat, no whip white mocha!!!!!!

I’m coming home ! I am not exactly sure what lies ahead for me. Doors are definitely opening and some I have already walked through, wide open -ready to GO!!!!!! I am sooooooooo  excited most of all about ALL the time God has given me back to hang out with my kids and do the MOM thing! LOVE being a MOM!

I will keep you posted on my new ventures! Until next time splurge one time and stop by Starbucks and try a double tall, not-fat (or not) white mocha! If you like to sip your coffee, ask for it extra HOT!


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