A Song


Today I heard a song that hit something sensitive inside and made me cry. Not just a tear trickling down my face but the ugly cry. The kind where you hope no one around you is looking because you might scare them if they saw you cry. Truth permeated from this song that if your heart is in the right spirit you would immediately start evaluating life as you know it. It is not deep in theology or profound in it’s melody but the truth of it’s content is REALLY what life should be about. We should not get caught up in who we know or what we accomplish. God is only concerned with who we are in the quiet when no one else is around. He searches the heart and rewards those who are fully committed to Him. As my dear pastor reminds us often that what we have IS NOT OURS anyway! Our very breath is dependent upon God’s sovereign hand appointing us one more day here on earth.

So, do you want to know the song? It is ” How You Live” by Point Of Grace!

I’d Love to hear how it hits you!


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