Good Times


I know I have been on a little sabbatical again and I am not going to type a bunch of excuses as to why! My husband and I just returned from a weekend GET-AWAY where we were unable to get internet access for most of the trip. Can you say DIVINE INTERVENTION! Yes, we would have both been pecking away at the keyboard had we had the opportunity so I am glad that we did not get a signal!!!!!

We had a BLAST with each other as we ALWAYS do! I will cherish every moment we spent laughing, talking and dreaming about the future together! He will NOT have to twist my arm to GET-AWAY again! That comes highly recommended! This is definitely a piece of advice you want to take! Can you tell I enjoyed myself!

I do have one question? Who goes to the beach without a swimsuit? I packed EVERYTHING but that!


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  1. Finally a word from Tabitha……….I’ve been waiting with such anticipation!!! I’m so glad you & Chris had such a great time, Andrew & I are firm believers in couples alone time, it’s definitely nutrition for a healthy marriage.

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