Think about this……..


Today Chris and I took the kids to see “Horton Hears a Who”! Our ride to the theater was interesting just as all our rides are if our youngest daughter Gracie is with us.

Earlier in the week our oldest daughter Marybeth got a new i-pod and so graciously decided to share her old one with her sister, Gracie! I think Marybeth earned MAJOR cool points with Grace. Gracie has been dancing and singing non-stop to her tunes unaware of how LOUD she is being to all the others around her who’s unable to experience what she is experiencing! During our ride today Gracie was singing to the top of her lungs majorly disturbing everyone else in the car. At this point she is totally OUTNUMBERED! After the third time of telling her to quiet down or I would remove the i-pod from her possession she proceeds to pull the ear phones from her ears and says, Uh, YOU are keeping me from singing and praising the LORD”!

I thought to myself how often throughout my daily routine does something I do or say get in the way of someone else singing and praising the Lord. Though I am not responsible for everyone else’s personal relationship with Christ, my personal walk can either or be a hindrance or a help to others. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” (prov.27;17)

Think about this……. what are you doing or not doing that is keeping someone from singing and praising the Lord?


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