I have been sitting,reading and pondering about Easter and ALL that my family does this time of year to celebrate what I believe to be the most profound 3 days in the history of LIFE!! Certainly the most profound in my life, because of such a time as this I have experienced Christ! I have experienced grace, hope, love, peace, passion, purpose, comfort, humility, freedom from fear, compassion, gentleness and OH SO MUCH COMPANIONSHIP! A friend like no other. I am so overwhelmed with thankfulness for that 3rd day that I don’t even know how to express how I feel.

I know it not about an Easter bunny or hiding Easter eggs. It’s not about a pretty new dress with matching shoes. It’s not about cooking a bunch of food and eating until I am totally miserable. It’s not even about all the songs I will sing in the morning and the message that will fall upon my ears.

It’s about JESUS who interceded for me. Who was beaten to a pulp with gashes of flesh ripped from His body and nailed by His hands and feet to a cross. HE DIED for ME! I can’t get over it. It’s about the 3rd day when He arose from the grave and now He is ALIVE! He is not on a cross or in a tomb. He is ALIVE in me! I can’t get over it!

Is resurrection on your mind?


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