Experiencing HIS experience!!!!!


Lately God has allowed me to experience His glory. Throughout November I have seen many lives changed through acceptance of Jesus, even my two girls!!!!! This past Sunday Chris, a.k.a their dad, had the amazing opportunity to baptize the two of them together. While Chris and I were away in Romania on a mission trip both of them accepted Christ. It was unbelievable, people were accepting Christ in Romania and back home in America! We returned to church to share with our church family about our trip and before the service even started more people were accepting Christ. That is the part of God that can’t be explained only experienced! Like kisses from the ones you love, the GOD moments that you never want to end. I often wonder how Mary the mother of Jesus must have felt when she first grasped that she was carrying the child who would redeem the world. How Mary, the sister of Lazarus, felt when she sat at the feet of Jesus mesmerized by His presence. I think about Mary Magdalene whom Jesus drove out seven demons from, she was there when He rose from the dead and He spoke her name, “Mary”! She experienced His experience! He fulfilled her longing for Him. What if we had that kind of longing for Christ that she had? The kind where our eyes gaze up to heaven waiting for God to reveal himself to us. We are not beyond an “experience ” from God but I think sometimes we miss it because we are just not longing for it. Oh, we will take it if it happens to pass us by in the midst of our busy schedules but we are not on our knees, reaching to the heavens, gazing into His glory, longing for Him! Christ longs for us to enter into His presence. He must cut cartwheels when we bring some thanksgiving and praise too! I believe He will do for us what He did for Mary. It may not be packaged or even delivered in the same way but He will deliver. 2 Tim 4:8 tells us that we will receive the crown of righteousness, ALL those who have longed for His appearing. I am looking forward to my crown but most of all I long for his presence now. I am on my knees, reaching to the heavens, gazing into His glory, longing for Him! I want to experience His experience!

Long for Him like He longs for you,



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