AMAZINGLY UNBELIEVABLE! There is no possible way I could EVER properly communicate the MIGHTY works God did during MISSION ROMANIA! Still today I am trying to complete thoughts of one experience before pondering on another! I have said to several people that apart of my heart is still there. I find myself counting ahead seven hours from our time here just to know what time it is there! I know sometimes God allows us to be a hands on part of His work and sometimes He allows us to see His work, both are true for our team! I am so thankful that we faced the feelings of inadequacies like we did because when He chose to move through us we knew it was a God thing and nothing within our own ability. Don’t you sometimes think we need to be reminded that God is the one who changes lives not us. If we choose to GO when He says GO then He can accomplish what He has set out to do. Nothing happened in Romania that could not have happened in my absence or yours but I would have missed ALL God had in store for me if I had not gone! It reminds me of Phillip in Acts 8:26-40. An angel of the Lord appeared to him one day and told him to go down the road. Phillip had no idea why but he obeyed Gods command and went. Along the road he came upon a man that God intended for him to encounter. Phillip shared the good news about Jesus with him. As they continued to travel the road they came upon some water. Philip and the man went to the water and Philip baptized him and then Philip immediately disappeared. God knew the plans He had for Philip that day and He knew the plans He had for our team in Romania. Had we not gone exactly as He asked look at what we would have missed:

1. 49 salvations

2. a chance to witness to the priest

3. God’s provision of future work in Romania

4. Opportunities to “LOVE like JESUS”

5. HUGE spiritual growth in our individual lives and as a team

I could list forever but you get the point. When God says GO, do it. Nothing is worth missing the blessings He has in store for you or someone else!

Love Like Jesus,



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  1. I`m still under the powerful impression you`ve made on me while here, in Roumania. I feel like saying :” Mommy, when I grow up, I wanna be just like you !” 🙂

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